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Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 5/8oz

Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 5/8oz

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If you think you (and the bass) have seen it all in topwater baits, then meet the Bill Lewis StutterStep. This odd-looking lure has moves no one has ever seen before—3 separate all-new swimming styles, in fact. This unique bait can be worked 3 distinct ways. The bait's name comes from its tendency to cut at a sharp 90 degree angle when walked, rather than veering forward. This allows you to work the bait almost in place, stuttering back and forth next to cover, a step at a time. Think you can enrage a bass with that? The StutterStep can also be raucously "wobble-waked" on the surface with a slow-to-medium, buzz-bait style retrieve; or it can be "tail-wagged" on a quicker, steady retrieve that incorporates light twitches of your rod tip. It's a rhythmic, mesmerizing whole-body lure that really brings the local bass population out for a closer look.

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