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Stanley Slide ‘N’ Glide Pocket 5.5in Worm
Slide N'' Pocket Worm

Stanley Slide ‘N’ Glide Pocket 5.5in Worm

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The Slide ‘N’ Glide Pocket worm designed by Robert Hale, is an extremely versatile lure, the air chamber located in the body of the worm make it the most unique worm you will ever own. Ways to Fish: 1.) Texas rig, no weight, with a light wire hook if you want it to float. Fishes well over emerging vegetation as well as surface vegetation. Slight twitching action makes it walk. 2.) Slide ‘N’ Glide down; again, Texas rig, but you can place small weights in the chamber to make it sink. The larger the weight the faster it sinks. You can also adjust the angle of its fall by moving the weight forward or backward in the air chamber, this gives it, its “Slide ‘N’ Glide” action. 3.) Drop Shot; a natural for a drop shot as it will float horizontally. 4.) Light Carolina Rig; flotation capabilities make it a natural, for this presentation. 5.) Split Shot; Real Finesse Fishing 6.) Shakey Head 7.) Texas Rig 8.) Ned Rig Robert Hale’s Slide ‘N’ Glide Pocket Worm 8pk.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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